The Most Popular Remodeling Trends

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The Most Popular Remodeling Trends

There are many reasons why homeowners choose to undertake a remodeling process. Whether it be to create value in order to sell, or for a style revamp for their own live in pleasure, there’s no going past the most tried and tested trends for modern day remodeling. All building processes must take into consideration the vital balance between design and function. This is always on the minds of those in the building industry, and for those new to the world of construction and creation, they soon find out just how important it is to ensure functionality is not compromised on the well chosen aesthetic. Both need to be considered as just as important as the other. Here are 3 of the most popular remodeling trends that ensure this balance between beauty and function.


#1: Exterior painting.

A simple, yet always effective tool for remodeling. Not only does painting heightened curb appeal and value, a fresh coat of exterior pain always protects the home’s structure in preserving the integrity of the walls.


#2: Go green.

Not only is energy efficiency a very big pull for those switching to solar water heating, but it also provides cash saving benefits in the long run. It’s better for the environment and your pocket. There are a multitude of options for solar panels with sleek and modern designs.


#3: Don’t go past the kitchen.

If any room in the house deserve extra attention in remodeling, the kitchen is the one to put your energy towards. As a social center of the home, this is also one of the main points that home buyers take into consideration when assessing the value of a prospective new home. The layout and flow, as well as bench space, lighting, appliances and flooring are all up for review when remodeling this space.


#4. Improve Your Roof.

Fixing or even replacing your roof for a sleek and new look will dramatically alter the look of your home and create great value. Choosing a tile roof to replace your shingles could be just the improvement your house needs to look modern and elegant. Consider hiring a roofing contractor to help you renew your home.