The Best Roof To Have During A Hurricane

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The Best Roof To Have During A Hurricane

If you live in a state that’s constantly at “Hurricane Watch” status, then maybe you’ve become accustomed to it. Perhaps, you’ve even become too accustomed to hurricanes that you’ve let your guard down. Well, that shouldn’t be the case at all. Hurricanes can cause serious damage to your home and wallet. That’s why you should be prepared at all times.


One nightmare repair post-hurricane would have to be concerning your roof. Your roof protects your home, family, and belongings. It’s expensive and vital for your wellbeing. However, serious repairs and replacements can possibly be avoided if your home roofing consists of certain hurricane withstanding materials.


What Materials Should My Roof Have?

The high winds, traveling debris, and falling trees are all a cause for roof damage and obvious frustration. But, you will decrease your chances of these outcomes if your roofing consists of shingles, concrete tiles, or metal. The strength, durability, and overall product is perfect for fighting off foreign objects and keeping you and your family safe.


Though shingles and concrete tiles both do a great job of staying resistant to hurricane forces, metal roofs are considered the most resistant to extreme weather. In addition, metal roofing is the most durable and longest lasting option that you could choose for your home.


If you are considering installing or repairing your home (or commercial) roofs, then be sure to hire a licensed and insured contractor. The team at Engelmeier Roofing have understood the significance of protecting your home from hurricanes and other natural disasters for many years. Being located in Central Florida, Engelmeier has serviced numerous homes for decades that need hurricane repair or total replacement. If you want a local and reliable team, turn to Engelmeier Roofing.


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