Cleaning Up After the Holidays: Where To Start


Cleaning Up After the Holidays: Where To Start

So the guests have gone home, the reunions have concluded, and the kids are going back to school. If you find yourself left with a mountain of work to do to put your house back in order, perhaps you’re putting out an SOS to the cleaning gods to assist in taking the first step. With so much to do to create a house of order and replenishment, it can be overwhelming to start, often leading to that all too familiar ‘cleaning paralysis’ and procrastination, finding other ‘pressing’ things to do, rather than tackle the monster. If you know the feeling, however, of a refreshed, clean space, you know that it is worth the effort. So here are a few tips to help steer you on the right direction to begin the journey in the most effective way. Unburden yourself with the overwhelm of post-holiday cleaning, and find a more easeful flow of re-organization.


Step 1: Do the easy stuff first.

Sounds simple, right? That’s because it is! When scouring your spaces to clean, start with the most accessible and easy thing to do, which is re-order and re-place everything that you KNOW has a designated home. Place things back in their cupboards, drawers etc. This is a great first step to then see what you are dealing with beyond the obvious.


Step 2: Organize what needs to be washed.

Take the dirty sheets, laundry, dishes etc to all of their spaces, which they will be washed in. Linen and clothes to the laundry, kitchen ware to the sink. In this step, you prime yourself for when you get to that part; already having what you need in the places you need them.


Step 3: Take it room by room.

Oftentimes we can start cleaning one room, and then move to an entirely different space and pick up the cleaning from there. This is a more dysfunctional way, which can often lead you to forgetting where you’re up to in the process. This is why step 1 & 2 clears each space before any deeper cleaning starts. Create a system to take in to each room – perhaps floors first (mopping/sweeping/vacuuming) and then wipe/dust/windows etc.


Or if you had an office party that you simply don’t want to clean up after, call the cleaning professionals. Check out N&A Commercial Cleaning.