Stone Maintenance/Tips

Stone Maintenance/Tips

Cleaning Limestone Surfaces

Limestone surfaces are a popular choice for renovations and improvements providing the luxurious expensive look of marble but an a more affordable old-world price. Most limestone is usually white or off-white in color with unique and naturally occurring patterns throughout the stone. 

Beautiful as they are, they come with a downside that they require more care than other stone types, such as granite. This is because compositionally, limestone is more porous and sensitive to acids attack. The porosity makes it more prone than other stains and discoloration. (We once were asked to seal a brand new set of limestone stairs after removing a coffee stain… it took 6 seal applications to finally seal the stone… and each day the property manager dropped a new cup of coffee as a test.) Once sealed it usually just takes another annual application to maintain, but the first application is a doosey. Once sealed spills are easily cleaned up without staining. 

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Stone Maintenance/Tips

The Importance of Polishing Your Stone

Marble Polishing CompanyThe look of your home should be something you’re proud of. And you may favor certain areas of your home over the others. Rightfully so, stone surfaces like marble and limestone make the list of people’s top elements within their home or business location. These surfaces add an extra gorgeous piece to the overall appearance, especially when they’re cleaned and polished to perfection.


However, over time our busy lives can get in the way of regular cleaning or careful care for our marble. Your marble may accumulate stains, etches, spots, discoloring, or simple dullness. Life happens and that’s nothing to be upset about when you can fix it.


Polishing your stone can remove small imperfections from the surfaces and leave your marble or limestone looking brand new. In addition to appearance, you’ll simply keep your stone durable and won’t have to deal with long-term breakage or stains. The reasons to polish your stone seem obvious, but what can hold people back is the daunting task of actually fixing their stone. But actually it’s quite simple and there is more than one option to the solution.


Hire a professional.


This is probably the easiest and most convenient option, especially if you lead a busy lifestyle. Marblelife in San Diego is a great company to employ if you’re looking for experience and quality. Marblelife is the leading stone care company in San Diego with over 15 years of experience servicing thousands of homes and commercial locations.


This team of qualified and knowledgeable craftsmen can visit your home, polish out any major or minor scratches or stains to renew your marble’s look and have it looking flawless in no time. Their services can provide you a thorough cleaning, professional polish, stone sealing, scratch and stain repair, and color and shine restoration. And their job isn’t done until you are satisfied.


Or do it yourself.


On the opposite end of your stone polishing options, you may want to do the job yourself. Marblelife also provides a collection of stone care products that are affordable and easy to use. Products like Marblelife’s “Marble Polish” provide you, essentially, a “serviceman in a bottle.” However, you shouldn’t attempt to take care of large projects with only these tools. Hiring a professional is your best bet for large cracks, scratches, or stains.


Many choose to purchase these handy products anyways, even if they employ polishing service. This is because you’ll want to upkeep your stone surface’s look once you see how amazing it can look. Or many will choose to purchase a continuous maintenance plan for best results.


It is vastly important to care for your stone to keep your space looking beautiful and to help in saving you a financial burden in the long-term. For all your marble polishing or marble cleaning needs, Marblelife is the recommended company for stone care servicing or products. You can contact Marblelife in San Diego for your free estimate at (888) 218-4616. In addition, you can view Marblelife’s complete line of products on their website when you click here. Your stone will soon be looking perfect!