Caring For Granite And Quartz

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Caring For Granite And Quartz

Ceramic tile floor & granite coutertopin a modern luxury kitchenWhen making the decision to properly take care of your surface, make sure to be fully aware of what type that surface actually is before you start applying any cleaning solutions to it. Depending on the surface, you might be using the wrong kind of products to clean. Marble, granite, stainless and wood do not react well to acids. They prove that by accruing a dull like residue resulting from using an improper product for the job. These surfaces have this reaction to some products due to the fact that these are stones that originated from the earth and require a special kind of care in order to not harm them and help them look their best.

Granite tends to be more of a durable and natural type of surface that is especially popular when it comes too counter-tops and flooring. It also has a big variety of colors and options for the material. You can tell a surface is granite by its crystal look to it or “salt and peppered” look it tends to have.

Make sure to be cautious of certain cleaning products that contain acid, which can be very destructive to granite. Most inadequate products used will leave a deposit that causes a cloudy film leaving oils trapped in the pores of the granite that can even be as bad as too give off odors.

You should properly care for granite by using a high quality cleaner that is specifically specified Marblelife Granite Cleanersafe for granite. This cleaner should travel into the pours of the granite, removing the oils trapped inside the pores. The best part is that the proper granite cleaning products should never leave that well known leftover residue.

After giving your granite a deep clean, make sure not to forget to use a sealer at the end of the cleaning process. You should seal the granite by applying a safe, clear, and sturdy product to fill in the pores properly to keep out the toughest of stains.

If you have properly cleaned your granite but you find that you still don’t get the desired result, it may be time to call a professional stone restoration company.