Can You Strengthen Your House To Fight Natural Disasters?

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Can You Strengthen Your House To Fight Natural Disasters?

Simpson Strong TieNatural disasters unfortunately cannot be controlled once in motion, but what you can take control of is your safety before these disasters arise. For the best results, you’ll naturally want to prepare way before these bodies show on the radar.


Besides grasping the concept of what to do in case of emergency, you should perhaps prepare by securing your ultimate investment. No, it’s not your cherished collection of baseball cards. It’s almost certainly your greatest investment: your home. There are several methods to protect you and your home, such as making an emergency kit, boarding your windows, trimming large trees, and having a safe space.


But there’s one thing that many people don’t usually consider and it’s guaranteeing their house is anchored and structured up to code. When choosing your home or commercial building, did you ask about how the structure met local building codes? If you did, that’s great. If not, then you may want to check on the status. And if you’re still in the process of building, even better!


After doing your questioning, if you realize your structure isn’t/won’t be as stable as you thought and you’re living in an area with a history of natural disasters, then you might want to get in contact with Advanced Structural Connectors. Why, exactly?


Simpson Strong-Tie Products


Simpson Strong-Tie has been constructing their products for over 50 years and leading the industry in structural systems innovation, research, and testing. Advanced Structural Connectors has been a Simpson Strong-tie distributor for more than 20 years from the central Florida area. There’s a reason Simpson-Strong Tie is one of the biggest structural building product suppliers in the world.


Quality vs. Quantity


A local family business, ASC strongly believes in quality over quantity. That’s why Simpson Strong-Tie is their choice in structural products. Simpson Strong-Tie centers exclusively on hardware, structural connectors, and fasteners, giving them the time and ability to be specialized experts in their field.


Protect Your Home


Now, let’s come back around to protecting your home and safety. People regularly fall victim to natural disasters and become passive bystanders while everything they have is taken from them. Reinforcing your home is a way you can actively fight against unexpected emergencies. You should invest in the most promising protection available for ultimate security, and that’s Simpson Strong-Tie products. Don’t sit back as your porch is whisked away in a hurricane or your house is totally demolished in an earthquake. Invest now, for a less hectic future.


So before natural disaster strikes and leaves you asking why you hadn’t prepared better, look into having the proper structural products installed. Pick an excellent product from a trusted company, like Simpson Strong-Tie. This way you won’t be worried about regret. Contact your local Simpson Strong-Tie Distributor, Advanced Structural Connectors, at (407) 831-7728. Or visit their website,, for a complete list of products and further information about the benefits of preparing your home with Simpson Strong-Tie products.