Before You Call The Plumber: Fixing Leaks In Your Home

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Before You Call The Plumber: Fixing Leaks In Your Home

With water being our most used resource around the home, there are many different water systems we rely on each and every day. Through wear and general use over long periods, our plumbing systems can begin to leak. It is advisable to call a plumbing professional when you suspect that your leak is a more serious issue that is beyond your own expertise. However, if you find leaks in your home, and they are relatively simple in nature, then here we offer some DIY leak solutions for you to try out before you consult a professional.


How to Find Leaks:


  • Noticing your water usage and any fluctuations in your bill that does not correspond to usage is a sure sign that more water is being wasted from leakage than from regular use.


  •  You can check your meter during a period where you haven’t used any water, and if the numbers have changed, this shows signs of leaks.


  • Examine pipefittings and faucets for any wetness outside of the pipe or tap.


  • Check walls and ceiling areas for mold, wet patches or water stains.


Toilets generally leak due to worn out valve seals. These are rubber parts that can get mineral build up or just decay overtime. Replacing them can be a DIY process, and there is a ton of information and tutorials online to guide you. Dripping faucets are also a quick fix when you know that the problem is just contained in the tap itself. This can be as basic as tightening the tap with some tools. Otherwise, there are a variety of tutorials online to help you. Likewise, showerheads generally just need a tightening up in the pipe stem and showered connection. Sometimes pipe tape can be used to secure it.


If you feel like the leak is more internal, or out of your area of expertise, then consult a professional plumbing service or handyman to help you out to not only save you money on your water bill, but save the world a precious resource.